Felixstowe Road

The first home Angela remembers is on a tiny street of terrace houses near the cemetery. It is a two story house with bay windows ,downstairs is where the landlord and family live. Upstairs are three rooms and Ruby and Alexander Angie’s parents live in one and family members of the landlord in the other two. The front door is set into a tiny porch and beyond the front door a paved piece of ground leading to a metal gate. There is a rectangular garden which has grass growing through the cracks and people store their dustbins in it. Angie’s family have a front room upstairs. In a corner of the room is Angie’s cot a salvaged item from a secondhand store, pale blue and decorated with gollywogs; Rose Marie Angie’s big sister collects these from Robinson’s jam jars and sticks them all over the cot. ‘Angie, Angie look what I’ve got, it’s, going to get you.’ Rose Marie has pulled some hair from a comb and bunched it up between her fingers and waves it at her sister. Angie is terrified and her screaming pleases Rose Marie. She loves playing this game and continues, until Ruby tired of the din ends it with ‘you don’t have anything better to do? Leave your sister alone.’ Once Ruby has spoken the game always ends.  Along with the cot there is also a bed pushed up under the mantelpiece which houses the alarm clock. In this bed Ruby and Alexander sleep. In another corner is a metal folding up bed with a thin plaid mattress that Rose Marie sleeps on. When baby Paul arrives Rose Marie and Angie share the bed, sleeping head to toe, with their pillows at either end. They sleep on army surplus blankets, they are beige, rough and warm.

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